Dr. Crankypants is written by Jim Mock.

Me, channeling Mars Blackmon with my Jordan 4s in the β€œWhat The?” colorway

Me, channeling Mars Blackmon with my Jordan 4s in the “What The?” colorway

Why Dr Crankypants?

Dr Crankypants has been my Xbox Live gamer tag since 2007ish, and the domain name was available so I figured why not πŸ™‚

About Me

Dad to teenage twin boys. East Coaster. Ex-Portlander. Gamer. iOS, Mac, and web nerd. Red Sox and Trail Blazers fan. I might have a bit of an Air Jordan addiction 😬

Battlefield 5

In early 2019, I switched to playing Battlefield 5 on Xbox after previously playing it on PlayStation since its release in November 2018. I eventually ran into a guy with the gamertag oCRAZEYHORSEo who kept following me around and inviting me to parties. At first, I ignored him, but on the 3rd or 4th day of invites, I joined his party.

He convinced me to join his Battlefield platoon called ICE, and I've been a member ever since. Currently, I am one of the admins of the platoon, which has over 450 members. Typically, we have 4 to 20 members playing together on any given night. Our community of Battlefield gamers has grown significantly, and we continue to expand.

If you're a Battlefield 5 player on Xbox, come find us online and play alongside one of the best gaming communities around.

Computing Gear

My "main computer" is a 12.9" M2 iPad Pro will cellular so I can take it with me and work from anywhere I have WiFi or a cell signal.

I also have a 16" M2 MacBook Pro that I primarily use for work-related tasks when it doesn't make sense to use the iPad Pro (like when I need to be in Photoshop slicing images most of the day).

My phone is an iPhone 14 Pro. Not a whole lot to say here, but I love pretty much everything about this phone.

Gaming Gear

I'm currently playing on an Xbox Series X console connected to a not-fancy 50" TCL TV I picked up for $200 at Walmart.

A few months ago, after using an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller forever, I switched to a Scuf Instinct Pro and I love it.

Those I game with regularly will tell you that I have a bit of a headset problem πŸ˜‚ I've gone through a ton of headsets over the past year or two trying to find one I love. I finally settled on the Astro A50s, but I also occasionally use the Arctis Nova 7X Wireless headset too.

Hosting & Software

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