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Recently in Battlefield 2042, Episode 1

Rather than post a bunch of clips individually, I decided to combine a bunch of them from the past week or so into a video. There will probably be more of these kinds of videos in addition to the one-off clips I usually post. The music is Bops Goin Brazy by Tyga. I love how some of the lyrics line up with what’s going on in the video 🙂

Jordan 12 "Cherry"

These are the first pair of 12s I’ve ever owned. I love the colorway (again, nostalgia) and I managed to get lucky and hit on these during the shock drop last week.

Jordan 12 Cherry


Here’s a little video that I threw together with Final Cut Pro (on my iPad Pro) of some gameplay on the new Redacted map in Battlefield 2042. I am absolutely loving this map so far 🤘

Side note: I don’t know why it’s taken me 2 years to start using the throwing knife. It’s SUCH a satisfying kill and 100% my favorite thing in this game right now.

Action Button Shortcut

One of the cool new features of the iPhone 15 Pro (and Pro Max) is the Action Button, which lets you choose from a handful of actions to perform when the button is pressed and held. One of these actions is the ability to run a Shortcut, so I built one that shows a list of items that I find useful to have a button-press away. Here’s what it looks like when the shortcut is run:

Action Button Shortcut

To use the shortcut, click the download button below. Once it’s downloaded, open up your Settings app. Look for “Action Button” in the list, then scroll over to the “Shortcut” section and expand the dropdown list. Find the “Action Button Menu” shortcut you just downloaded, select it, and you should be good to go.

Get the Shortcut

Action Button Settings

Lehigh University promises free tuition to students with families making less than $75K

From Lehigh University:

The Lehigh Commitment is a pledge to make a transformative Lehigh education even more accessible. Beginning in fall of 2024, Lehigh will provide a full tuition grant (the family will pay no tuition) for undergraduate students from families with a total income of less than $75,000 (with typical assets), reinforcing our dedication to enrolling talented students regardless of family income. Lehigh is fully committed to supporting all students throughout their college career to ensure excellence in student outcomes.

This is awesome. I’d love to see more schools do this.

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